Mystery Box Round 10 MBXR10914.2021

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Mystery Box Round 10 MBXR10914.2021


This is a Mystery Box Breeder's Choice Sale.

There are 5 available bearded dragons.

US Residents only.

Limit 1 per person, per sale. If you attempt to purchase more than 1, your entire order will be refunded for not following directions.

Breeders are limited to one total participation.

Animal will be of my choosing and will be ready for shipping 9.22.2021.

Genetics of the animal will be included on the packing slip in your box.

All animals will be at LEAST 6 weeks old and ready for new homes. Age will be noted on the packing slip.

IF you are caught flipping the animal without proper quarantine for an exorbitant amount, you will be banned from all future sales, retail or otherwise.

Do not email me requests.

Do not email me asking me what will be available in this sale. It's a surprise!

Do not email me asking me for photos of your animal. It's a surprise!

Shipping is no additional cost.

We ship every Wednesday for Thursday delivery, weather permitting and with customer confirmation.

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