All policies in place are subject to change as we deem necessary.
We reserve the right to refuse sale to any individual or entity, for any reason.
All animals are described to the best of our abilities on sales post, including any defect (such as a nip, or missing toenail etc.) and genetics. Pictures are taken to represent the structure of the animal. Color of the animal can vary by what device the picture is being viewed on, lighting, and camera being used to take the pictures. We strive to represent our animals as true to life as we can. We do not guarantee sex of any animal of any species under 6 months of age, however we are usually very accurate sexing at a young age.
We reserve the right to refuse disclosure of photos of the parents of any animal we sell. This is proprietary information and falls under Trade Secret protections. We will always provide genetic information on parentage of a retailed animal purchased through us. This does not apply to animals purchased from a 3rd party, or animals sold in wholesale lots. Animals purchased from a 3rd party are not our responsibility to replace or refund. Please contact the individual the animal was purchased from for assistance.


The live arrival guarantee only applies if you are present to receive the animal at time of delivery. If you are not able to do this, we can ship to a UPS customer center convenient to you for pick up. Temperatures should not exceed 90 degrees or fall below 30 at the connecting hub or the arrival destination for Pogona species and 40-80 degrees for Mniarogekko, Rhacodactylus and Correlophus species. We absolutely will not ship in inclement weather.
Should there be a delivery mishap, you must provide a photo of damaged box and or dead animal / animals inside the original shipping container. DOA animals must not be removed from the original containers. Photos must be sent within 30 minutes of delivery time stamp. If you are not there to receive the package, this voids our live arrival guarantee. Phantom Dragons, INC. Is only responsible for replacing/refunding the original purchase price of the animal. Shipping cost is usually included on all animals. Actual shipping cost will be deducted from the refund amount if the refund option is chosen. Replacement animals will be sent out at no additional cost. If a package arrives after scheduled arrival time due to an error on UPS's part causing the animal to arrive deceased, we will seek a refund for shipping cost and return it to the buyer if it is awarded.
Acts of nature do not count as error on UPS's part.


We provide a 14-day health guarantee on our animals as long as proper husbandry is being followed. Since this is a live animal, once they leave our hands, we cannot control how they are cared for. We require the new owner to communicate with us if the animal is not settling in well. If you do not communicate with us that you are having an issue, and you contact us after the 14 days, we cannot be responsible for the animal’s health. If your animal is acting off, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance BEFORE you take any action. DO NOT seek the advice of another person or search engine before contacting us. Not adhering to this will void your health guarantee. If for any reason you decide you no longer wish to have the animal, or wish to exchange it, this is completely at our discretion. We will require you to ship the animal back to us at your expense. A new animal will be sent to you upon receipt of the old one.


Phantom Dragons Inc accepts payment through Paypal and Paypal Credit. Phantom Dragons Inc does NOT have payment plans available. If you are interested in an animal that is available, you can apply for Paypal Credit. PayPal Credit is a digital, reusable credit line to shop online anywhere PayPal is accepted. For more information, visit Paypal Credit.

In the event of a cancelled purchase on the buyers end that has nothing to do with the seller, the buyer will have one of two options: the purchase price will not be refunded, but a store credit logged for the full purchase amount or a 25% restock fee that is lost to the buyer is taken out of the full purchase price of the order and the remaining 75% of the purchase price is refunded to the buyer. We no longer offer payment plans due to abuse.



Phantom Dragons, Inc uses a 3rd party broker service for all exports. Once animals leave our facility for export, we are not in control of circumstances. Any incident will be reviewed and addressed on a case by case basis.
If you are interested in import to Asia or Europe, Please contact Dutch Dragon Import, Or reptiles Express Canada for Canadian imports.


All animals purchased in a wholesale lot are sold without genetic background information. No information on possible hets or parentage will be given. Wholesale animals are not sold as breeder quality animals and are not intended to be used in a breeding program.

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